Transformed Coach

Our coach will monitor your progress and personal requirements whilst offering you support and guidance through your journey, including goal tracking, meal plans and body compositions.

The Transformed program uses a combination approach to weight loss which includes a series of eating plans, weekly one-on-one coaching sessions and very specific personal care guidelines, to support effective, attainable weight loss.


Regular contact with your trained Transformed Coach and weekly face to face consultations meetings provide the framework necessary for this program to be administered safely and correctly with maximum weight loss results and long term success.


The real key to the success of the transformed program is the quality of the coaching, advice and support given to each client throughout their weight loss journey.


Our Transformed Coaches are ready to assist you to achieve your weight loss goals and then offer you the tools to maintain your new weight long-term.

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Kathy Sheridan

Transformed Coach

&Enrolled Nurse

Lisa Sproule

Transformed Coach

& Nurse Practitioner

Heather Kennett

Transformed Coach

& Credentialled Diabetes Educator