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"When I joined Your Health Hub I had been on a waiting list for Bariatric surgery for almost a year and had given up hope on most methods of weight loss.


But after signing up and meeting the team I felt so supported that I was willing to try. In 6 months, I lost 40kg and have my life back. The thing I appreciate most is it's not like a boot camp and it's not just mindless encouragement, everything is grounded and easy to understand, the staff is friendly and understanding and they take your concerns seriously.


Just after I started I injured my leg. They supported me through the recovery, gave me other methods to try in the meantime and also looked after my mental health. I came out the other end with such a positive outlook I could never go back to my old ways."

- Ben H

"I have been seeing Lisa and the team since I had my lap band put in early Feb. I have had so much success in weight loss and mental health since commencing the 12 week program.


No end of support from everyone in the Hub. I am so glad that I was lucky enough to have these wonderful resources for me to utilize after surgery. The band is only a tool, it's how you choose to use it and the support material that you receive from such a vital piece of the puzzle for success of your journey.


Non-judge mental environment and encouragement is one of the best features, let alone how many therapies etc are connected to the hub (classes, gym, dietitian etc).


Recommend to anyone to go and see this fabulous team. Keep up the great work"

- Nikki B

"Thanks to all the staff at Your Health Hub, I have lost over 50kg since having a lapband in 2017.


I highly recommend the program to anybody who would like to lose weight but have found it difficult to in the past."

- Paul W.

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