12 Week Program


Can you related to any of these?

Are you tired of the endless cycle of weight gain, loss and regain?


You think you will never be able to lose weight...


You are ashamed of the way you look and feel.


You are self-conscious of going out as you have nothing to wear.


You always eat in private.


Is food your friend? They're for when you are happy, sad, stressed or angry.


Does your relationship with food control you?


Are you addicted to sugar, carbohydrates and fatty foods?


Do you think you will never be able to lose weight?


Do you feel like a failure?



We Can Help You

Weight management is a complex process that involves a range of physiological and psychological factors, and for many people, simple exercise and nutrition advice is not enough. 


We know the impact that weight problems can have on your health, confidence, relationships and general enjoyment of life – and the great benefits that even small weight losses can bring. 


That's why we conduct a full Medical/Psychological  Assessment to learn the root cause of your weight problem, before designing a personalised program specific to your needs. 

Get The Right Support

From Our Team of Medical Practitioners

A Sneak Peek of What Our Members Get

Recipe Library
Tailored Exercise Program
Weekly Modules

Preparation Week - Getting Started

Week 1 - Making Change

Week 2 - Move Your Body

Week 3 - Plan & Measure

Week 4 - Thoughts & Feelings

Week 5 - Your Triggers

Week 6 - Self Care

Week 7 - Support Networks

Week 8 - Time for Renewal

Week 9 - Mindful Eating

Week 10 - Food Facts

Week 11 - The Mind & Body Connection

Week 12 - You Got This!

Don't Just Take Our Words For It

What Does the 12 Week Program Include?

An initial comprehensive metabolic assessment with one of our Nurse Practitioners to identify any physical causes for weight gain (valued at $73.80)


Initial Body Weight Composition (valued at $50)


One-on-one Session with one of our Dietitians (valued at $130)​


One-on-one Session with one of our Exercise Physiologists (valued at $85)


12 one-on-one Sessions with one of our Weight Loss Wellness Coaches (valued at $720 in total)


Recipe Selection Book to get you started​


Access to our Private Facebook Community


​Access to our Online Portal and Recipe Library (valued at $147)​


Your first consultation is on us! (valued at $60)

Total Value = $1,256.80

BUT You will only pay 

$350 upfront for 12 weeks 

OR $30 per week direct debit.


Contact us today to book your FREE initial consultation 

and find out how we can help you!

Don't delay! Due to the one-on-one nature of our programs,

places are filling fast!

Are You Ready to Transform Your Life?

What Does Real And Lasting Weight Loss Mean For You?

Improved confidence and self esteem

Enjoy looking in the mirror again

Feel good in your clothes

​Longer life expectancy​

Increased quality and enjoyment of life


​Improved intimacy

Lower risk of diabetes and other weight-related disease​

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to lose the weight you want for good... So you can breathe… Stop worrying about your health… Start truly living the life you deserve… Be proud of the body you live in… And enjoy your new lifestyle doing things that make you feel great!

The Transformed team of Medical and

Allied Health professionals are here to help you...

Change your way of thinking AND doing, to lose weight and keep it off!


Identify triggers, manage food cravings and develop new, healthier habits.

Regain your energy and vitality to allow you to be a participant in your life!


Improve functional strength and fitness, to promote optimal weight loss.


Build a healthy relationship with food and fall in love, with delicious and healthy ways of nourishing your body!


Lose weight safely and effectively with the latest in evidence-based clinical research.

Get the highest quality medical health care based on your needs and weight loss goals.


Give you the strategies and support that you need to achieve a healthier body weight. 

Keep you on the right track and make sure you have everything you need, to hit your Ideal Body Weight fast!  


Assist you, to achieve your weight loss goals and then offer you the tools to maintain your new weight long-term.

Your future is created by what you do TODAY!