Pre & Post Bariatric Weight Loss Program


At Transformed, we fully appreciate the significant emotional and financial sacrifices that you have made in order to undertake this surgery.


However, the surgery is not the end of your weight loss journey...


Unfortunately, when you undergo your surgery, the focus at that time by both yourself and the surgeon is on the operation that is about to occur, the TOOL that is going to assist you with your weight loss.


And, in many cases, the follow up care that is required as a pivotal part of your weight loss success is overlooked - during all the surgical operation.

This aftercare teaches you how you are to begin to live the rest of your life.


Scientific evidence tells us that the right pre and post-surgical care and support are imperative to achieve successful, lasting and positive outcomes after weight loss surgery.


The TRANSFORMED medical weight loss program was developed with the input of a specialist team of Clinical Psychologists, Exercise Physiologists, Nurse Practitioners, Bariatric Surgeons and Dietitians in order to deliver this care that is needed by so many.  

Some of the common struggles that we see in our weight loss patients include:

1. Weight loss surgery only deals with the plumbing

It doesn't deal with the underlying issues that brought you to the point of surgery in the first place.

2. Transfer of addiction

Addiction transfer from food to other substances and behaviours is also common in patients of weight loss surgery, however by addressing the underlying causes, this can be avoided.

3. A new body, but an old mind

Most surgical programs offer great support in preparing for the operation but don't have the resources to deal with why the surgery was needed in the first place.

Finally The Support You Need

To Get The Results You Desire From Your Bariatric Surgery!

Don't just take our word for it read on to hear what Bariatric Surgeon, Mr Stephen Wilkinson has to say about the Transformed Pre & Post Bariatric Surgery Weight Loss Program or check out our testimonials page to hear stories from our clients.

"It has been shown in many studies now, that bariatric surgery provides far better results if it is accompanied by proper support by the surgeon, bariatric dietitian, bariatric psychology, and managed exercise programs, particularly if delivered in an environment dedicated to helping weight loss patients, and not just a general exercise facility such as a general gym.


These research findings have led me to work with Your Health Hub to develop a specific bariatric program to assist before and after anti-obesity surgery, utilizing staff trained specifically in the management of overweight, and in a dedicated facility for patients undertaking weight management.


I now strongly recommend all new bariatric surgery patients be supported in this program, and I am progressively informing all previous bariatric surgery patients of the availability of this program for them as well".





Your future is created by what you do TODAY!

Find out more about TRANSFORMED Pre & Post Bariatric Surgery

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Find out more about TRANSFORMED Pre & Post Bariatric Surgery

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