What You Need to Know About Glycaemic Index (GI) and Weight Loss

GI and carbohydrates

example of low glycaemic index food

Carbohydrates are an important source of energy for our brain and other body systems.

Carbohydrates from our foods are broken down to sugars in our gut and absorbed into our bloodstream to be used for energy.

GI, or glycaemic index, measures how quickly a carbohydrate food is broken down and increases our blood sugar levels.

High GI foods raise blood sugar levels quickly and will often cause a spike then drop.

Low GI foods tend to be digested slowly and released into our blood at a slower pace.

This means that to reduce big spikes in our blood sugar levels, it is best to choose low GI food options where possible.

Low GI foods are important if you have diabetes or have been told you have high blood sugar levels. They can also help to keep your energy levels stable.

Here is a list of common low GI foods from our Dietitian:

  • Most fruit and vegetables

  • Multigrain bread

  • High-fibre breakfast cereals

  • Basmati rice

  • Orange sweet potato

  • Plain milk and yoghurt

Looking For a Low-GI Recipe?

Check out this spinach, sun-dried tomato and parmesan filo rolls recipe!

If you have any question about your food choice, our Accredited Practising Dietitian can give you nutritional advice that is based on the latest scientific evidence yet easy to understand and incorporate into your daily lifestyle.

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