Week 2 of My Transformation Journey : All Progress Takes Place Outside Your Comfort Zone

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Hi all,

hope this blog finds you well!

To begin with here is a summary of what went well and challenges

What went well

  • Exercising

  • sticking to my routine

  • Motivation

  • Making smarter choices - chosing to go and Exercise instead of napping after work


  • Balancing many roles - making time to sit and eat meals

  • Making Time to sit and do nothing

  • water, water, water

  • incorporate some ‘rest’. This can include various things like, sitting on the couch of an evening and actually watching the television, spending quality time with family members free from distractions or undertaking a hobby.

  • Whilst at work maximise the time I devote to a task.

  • Trying to focus on giving 100% effort to the task at hand and then leaving those thoughts at the door when leaving for the day

  • Placing boundaries around my own time


Nutrition went well for me, from the planning and preparation perspective, lots of great, wholesome foods - but even though I had my meals at work I still occasionally failed to prioritise the time to allow myself to sit quietly and eat my food.

Therefore, as a result, I would find I was eating my lunch far too late and was at that point quite hungry.

The biggest challenge for me when I reach that point of extreme hunger or on a day when I an feeling rushed, stressed. Those triggers that I know have traditionally sent me down the path of self sabotage (When my salad or yummy healthy lunch option is just not going to cut it!)

I need to plan to ensure as best I can that don't give in to my weaknesses due to poor planning.

So something I have set myself as one of this week’s small goals is the real importance of ensuring that I have my lunch in a reasonable time frame.

Is there anyone else that can resonate with this?

Or is your problem time breakfast or dinner?

Discovering the moments that are weaknesses in our lifestyle and that we need to build upon and develop behaviour change are those things that are going to deliver us our long-term results, building in strategies to manage the things you know cause you issues

Here are a couple of mine

I know if there are foods in the house that are my weakness such as chocolate biscuits, chips etc you are making it really hard for yourself!

In fact, I would go so far as saying you are setting yourself up for failure.

We use excuses such as “the kids and my husband shouldn’t go without” where the truth is - they don’t need it either. I know I have done this!

Make a pact that those discretionary foods are not kept in the house, if they have them get them and have them - not stored at home.


You may convince yourself they are for others but really it is like having a packet of cigarettes in the house for when you give up smoking just in case you need it!

This is where the tough stuff happens and we dig deep - we need to be really honest, raw and open about our behaviours - this is not easy.

It is time to let go of that shame like me - let go of anything that does not serve you our fill your soul with joy!!!

I challenge you to do this and Just watch your life change. This will be challenging and confronting but so very worthwhile.

While you are at it do a kitchen cupboard makeover - sort and rid yourself of those foods that are not going to be a part of your new life. There is no place for them any more if we are ready for change!

We may not always get it right but we are looking for progress here not Perfection!


Wow, has this been crazy - feeling really proud of myself with my commitment to exercise in the last couple of weeks. This has been something that I have really managed to avoid for the last 12 months, and my fitness levels have really suffered as my weight has increased.

The upside of exercise as hard as it is when you’re carrying weight is that no matter how tired you are when you start, you always feel really energised and positive after you’ve finished even if you’re exhausted.

Those endorphins that kick around in your brain and your body really do have a great impact on allowing both your body and your mind to release both energy and stress. But also, strangely enough, find energy when you think you have none to find.

The other thing I decided to do was introduce an additional bit of exercise on the days that I wasn’t working.

Given that those were the days that I had a little bit more time up my sleeve, I felt that it might be a good idea to do a walk as well as my prescribed work out so as if on one of the days during the week things for some reason we are challenging to challenging to get to the gym. Then I would feel that I had done some additional exercise to compensate.

Really though my aim through this transformation is to achieve my results as quickly as I can, so as much as I can remove my body I will! With every step I get Fitter to feel more energised and get closer to my goal.

The other thing I really like about doing some outdoor exercise is the fact of being out in nature breathing in the fresh air and just basically appreciating the environment.

I downloaded the app Strava for those of you who are interested. It is another great little motivational tool that you can have on your phone and will track your walk, sync with your fit bit or smart device and basically tell you all the details of your walk in regards to your activity.

You can also take some pictures along your walk if you choose and then at the end Upload them into the record of that walk which is pretty cool.

Keeping a record of this is Wark diary just becomes another thing like a training journal that you can monitor your progress visit different areas to walk etc.

One of my goals when the Parkrun restart is to be able to use Strava and participate in a number of them DifferentRuns available. All of these for me become little motivators that I can actually track my progress.

So who is going to download Strava with me and we can connect and compare each other’s walks!

All of these for me become little motivators that I can actually track my progress.


yes well, this is an interesting one?

Most of the week I have felt my mindset has been very positive – feeling incredibly focused motivated and inspired particularly by all the amazing interaction and participation of the group page.

There is something incredibly powerful about these Weight loss groups when they start to work really well and the members contribute to them fully. But I will share with you a moment of mindset challenge that I did experience this week, and that was after I viewed myself in my personal training session for week two.

Those evil horns of self-loathing came in and bit me badly. The process of sharing this journey of mine publicly places me in an incredibly vulnerable position.

We are our own worst critics.

When I the video all I could see was how big I looked (for me) - I shook this off and moved on as I am proud of what I am doing!

how is your mindset?

have a great week!