Week 1 of my Weight loss Transformation journey: Taking the first step is always the hardest

Updated: May 1, 2020

Hi, I am Lisa, welcome to a very private and

vulnerable space for me - my weight loss journey.

I am certainly not the typical weight loss pinup girl, that is for sure, with chisled abs and incredible insta shots.

But that is why I have decided to make this weight loss journey of mine public -eeeek! trust me this is so very confronting, but I am so passionate to change pretty much everything about how i feel right now and I want you to too.

My motivatIon for this public journey, is not so I can be totally humiliated across multiple platforms simultaneously lol 😝

My goal is by allowing the world in to my journey doing this and blogging the highs, the lows, the struggles, of purely just seeing me up here going through the real issues of weight loss - makes you encouraged to change your life too - then if will be worth it all.

It’s really easy to pretend your weight isn’t an issue.

You can go through life avoiding flights of stairs, declining trips to the pool, avoiding group photos, and hiding the sweet wrappers so you can pretend the binge never happened.

Trust me – I’ve done it my entire life, and can confirm it’s possible.

I also know it’s a miserable way to live – and it will catch up with you eventually.

Most people who are overweight have an ‘aha’ moment. It’s a time when the penny drops, you take a long, hard look at yourself in the mirror, step on the scales, and see a number you associated with being obese.

Then you realise you’re the obese person. And you’re stuffing up your health, and that thing called life expectancy, self-esteem, self love, happiness, pleasure, joy, energy. You are tired ALL the time, you cry a lot alone, your back hurts, knees hurt, your having relationship issues due to the fact you don’t want your partner to see you the way you feel / no clothes fit and you socially become withdrawn.

Any of that found familiar?

Sure did For me!

That hole is a pretty dark old place to be.


WHO AM I????

My name is Lisa Sproule I am 53 years of age and I have 30 years of experience as a registered healthcare practitioner.

Business owner, entrepreneur, Nurse Practitioner mentor, wife, mother.The Tansformed Weight Loss Program is a program developed by myself and the team at Your Health Hub Medical and Allied Health Centre.

I am a passionate, energetic and game-changing innovator who launched the Transformed Weight Loss Program in order to assist those struggling with weight and weight related issues.

Weight management have always been an area i have been passionately interested in. Setting up the Transformed program was very important to me as a way to express my lifelong journey and life experiences on the weight management merry go round In order to help others. Although my weight stayed on track for about 30 years by monitoring my intake and for 30 years. i maintained a good weight and fitness. 5-6 day gym attendance, fun runs you name it.

the last 5 - 7 years weight loss and regain has been my constant demon. As has an incredible stress burden (small business and family) Leading to me purely existing day to day, poor self care and the list goes on.

I provide Medical Care to patients as a Nurse Practitioner in our General Practice, carry out Metabolic assessments in the Transformed clinic Coach in the transformed clinic well as as a Nurse Practitioner providing wellness coaching, nutritional and environmental medicine.

  • So you say “if she can’t lose the weight how can I”

My passion is to challenge individuals to change the way they think, take them out of their comfort zone and prove that there is more than one way to do anything.

I encourages spirit, creativity and innovation and living life to its fullest.

My passion and vision is to build a community of like-minded people who want to join me in my mission to change my, life take risks, step into the power I know they have to change and develop resilience. 

in this my very own weight loss journey I want to share with you all my personal story, highs, lows, struggles and celebration. The purpose of this to be a vulnerable leaning experience .

Transformed And our community provide a “safe” space to support, motivate and inspire individuals to ignite their own human potential and live their lives to the fullest

My Why

My why has a few dimensions to it

1. I want to feel that when I get up and get dressed, and look in the mirror I like what I see looking back at me

2. I want to regain my inner passion for life

3. I want to set some future life goals - and be able to visualise that

4. I want to live the longest healthiest life I possibly can and that is not going to happen if I continue on my current path.


1. to lose 20 - 25 kg in weight

2. to fall in love with shopping for clothes again

3. regain my fitness - back to running and strength


1. Planning and prep led to good well balanced meals

2. weekly shop done on Sunday

3. meals planned for the week - allowed for convenience and quick healthy options

4. Need to drink more water


Ok so I knew this was going to be tough but oh my goodness was that an understatement

how much fitness has gone - I felt ill. 1.Attended daily exercise - achieved 10,000 daily step goal

2. cardio and weights

3. 1 personal training session

. Followed program by Courtney my Exercise Physiologist - having a program to complete on own training days made me work much harder.

What Went Well

Lots of things did go well


utilised some meditation at night to manage stress


1.Being time poor is a major issue for me. 2. So I have to recognise this early and organise my day as well as I can, if possible doing workouts early so they are done

3. Ensuring organising meal prep. Especially work days - organisation is key!

4. I found it a big stretch this week juggling everything but succeeded so feeling proud

5. I recognise I am a self confessed type A over achieved so expect to do the best - what a surprise you all say!

6. learn to say NO

7. stick to a routine as best you can

Full week, but a week that was filled with an incredible amount of work stress - balanced with routine exercise and good nutrition

So proud of myself for this week, but really fighting those inner voices that are so angry, disappointed that I am here - who else feels like that?????

SO we need to kick that attitude to the curb. God knows I know how you feel. Every day that goes by takes you one step closer to yours and my goal!

Have you visualised your reveal yet, I have and I can’t wait.

stop feeling miserable - It is time to change - join me on my journey

what was your AHA moment, your WHY AND those deep burning goals?

Share with us on Instagram and Facebook - can’t wait to chat

lots of love

Lisa ❤️