Top 6 Things That Increased Your Insulin Level - Insulin Levels and Weight Gain

Weight can only be stored on the body in the presence of INSULIN.

Food That Increased Your Insulin Level

As blood glucose levels increase...

  • Pancreas produces insulin which enters blood

  • Insulin allows glucose to be absorbed by body cells

  • Blood glucose REDUCED

Insulin is a very important hormone

If you don't have it, you will die.

So it is important to have insulin, but not good to have too much.

With a lot of insulin floating around in your bloodstream, it becomes very easy to store weight and very hard to lose it again.

When we constantly eat foods that increase our blood insulin levels, it transports glucose out of bloodstream and into cells to be stored.

So what are the things that might cause blood insulin to rise?

1. Stress

Stress is really high on the list.

Stress is very prevalent in our society. Stress significantly contributes to weight gain and impacts adrenaline and therefore insulin production in our body

Mental, emotional and physical stress all impact the body. This includes both internal stress and external stress.

Internal stress includes lifestyle choices, self-talk and personality traits.

External Stress includes major life events, other people and environment around us.

2. Coffee

Can trigger a rise in blood insulin. It triggers the release of the hormone adrenaline.

3. Sugar and Carbohydrate

Refined high glycaemic index (GI) foods or highly process foods.

4. Protein

Protein also causes blood insulin levels to rise but not as quickly. Protein is slowly released and metabolised. Protein is also stored in the muscle and promotes muscle mass.

5. Alcohol

6. Artificial Sweeteners

You may wonder why this is so.

As they are not sugar - but artificial sweeteners are made up of chemicals that make food taste sweet.

The taste hits your tongue > your brain responds > your insulin level increases in response to the sweet stimuli, ready for the anticipation of sugar.

What About Fat?


Insulin levels remain the same.

Fat per gram more calories so as it does not increase Blood Glucose Level, insulin calories myth does not stack scientifically.

This is not to say that a diet of all fats is good for you - it's just that fat does not directly affect insulin level.

What Does This Mean?

Weight management is a complex process that involves a range of physiological and psychological factors, and for many people, simple exercise and nutrition advice is not enough.

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