The Link Between Mental Health And Obesity

Or maybe your mental health is affecting your weight...
Are your weight problems getting you down?

While the physical health effects such as Type 2 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, and increased risk of heart attack and stroke are well-known. There is minimal discussion on the emotional and psychological effects that people suffering from obesity face.

The origins of eating disorders and psychological conditions tend to be commonly intertwined. With individuals suffering from depression or anxiety experiencing a much harder time when trying to control eating habits and sustain a healthy active lifestyle.

With those who do suffer from these conditions engaging in the common western coping mechanism of eating copious amounts of calories in order to deal with their moods and emotions.

Although depression, anxiety, and other psychological disorders can cause obesity, the relationship can also be viewed around the other way.

A common and important factor is the idea that it’s not the physical condition of obesity making people depressed or anxious. It is the social stigma attached to being overweight or obese. Physicians commonly associate various effects such as poor hygiene, hostility, dishonesty to obesity, even extending to a lack of love and willpower.

Not only do these people experience stigmatization through the medical profession, they also find that differences exist in the social field and they are found to be less likely to be hired by an employer or seen as more incompetent than their slim counterparts.

With such pressures from society it is not surprising to see that research shows that the rates of clinical depression and anxiety tend to be far higher in patients suffering from obesity. Individuals suffering from depression have a much lower life satisfaction factor due to this and find themselves embarrassed and dissatisfied with their bodies as a result.

If you are suffering emotionally or mentally as a result of your weight or vice versa please get help! You do not have to suffer alone there is support available for you.

Nolene Harrison, Clinical Psychologist at Your Health Hub and our very own TRANSFORMED Psychologist has a special interest in Food Addiction and Mental Health.

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