Back to Basics - Self Monitoring After Bariatric Surgery

I have so much information that I enjoy sharing with my clients and there are so many new strategies to learn.

Sometimes, it can get a little overwhelming and this is when it can be easy to slip into the All-or-Nothing thinking pattern of: "I'm not doing this perfectly so I'll end up failing - why bother at all?".

Be wary of falling into this thinking trap!

Even if you make one small positive change everyday, you will strengthen that new habit.

These changes will have a cumulative effect. When you begin to see the results of your efforts, this helps to build momentum and keep you motivated.



Sometimes, we may need to revisit some of the fundamental strategies like self-monitoring.

The aim of this is to increase our self-awareness and this is the key to any automatic behaviour we would like to change.

Keeping a food diary helps us not to underestimate what we've been eating, especially discretionary foods.

Many of my clients have had bariatric surgery and it is just as important for them to self-monitor, not only to ensure sufficient nutritional intake but to create awareness of discretionary items that may be creeping in.

Surgery is a tool but it still requires a conscious effort on our part to make healthy choices for optimal and long-lasting results.

We won't need to self-monitor forever but it is a useful strategy to help us get into a rhythm and to realign ourselves when we begin to veer off that chosen path.

There is a lot to learn on our weight loss journey and we continue to refine our skills even after reaching our goals.

Remember, there is no finish line - this is your new lifestyle and the aim is to stay on track even if you're moving at a different pace from one day to the next.

If it starts feeling too difficult or if you feel like you can't keep this up for very long, it's because you are going too fast!

Go easy on yourself and remember to enjoy your treat in moderation!

Nolene Harrison - Clinical Psychologist

Nolene Harrison.

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