Perfect Your Portions After Bariatric Surgery

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

While Bariatric Surgery is an amazing tool that can literally transform peoples lives, having a smaller stomach won’t just guarantee that you keep the weight off forever!

There are so many factors that contribute to weight regain after surgery (surgical, medical, medication side effects, habits, less activity, emotional eating, and so on), and a lot of hard work is required to lose the weight and keep it off!

Unless the patient makes adequate lifestyle changes and adjusts to the new challenges they face, the long-term results of the Bariatric Surgery procedure may be limited or even compromised.

How Important is Perfecting Your Portion

Some people may not want to hear it, but food portion size is a key contributing factor in successful weight loss and maintenance, with or without bariatric surgery.

As soon as you have surgery you will notice how different eating will be for you now.

When in the early days post-surgery, even very small bites make you feel that you’ve filled your stomach to its limit. But as time goes people often begin to slip into habits where portions are getting bigger, and they begin to worry that they’ve ‘stretched their stomach’.

This highlights a key point that although you have a smaller stomach, you can’t let your stomach determine when to stop eating; you need to know how to stop when you’re comfortable before you get overly full.

Portion Perfection Complete Bariatric Kit

The Portion Perfection Complete Bariatric Kit includes the portion plate and bowl the Portion Perfection book for Bariatrics 2019 Edition, a Healthy Snack Bible 2018 Edition to take to the supermarket and a 4 Week Menu Plan (stand-up book) with measured recipes so you can't go wrong.

This kit is recommended by dietitians, doctors, diabetes educators and practice nurses internationally.

Portion Perfection for Bariatrics is low on words and high on pictures so it's easy because seeing is understanding.

This book has been designed for those having undergone gastric banding, sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass surgery. Amanda Clark, Dietitian, has determined our most commonly prepared and bought meals and foods, and through careful analysis, determined exactly how much to have. She has added tips regarding specific foods that can be a problem for gastric banding and advice from those who have had surgery.

Meal Plan

The 4 Week Weight Loss Menu plan is developed by Amanda and her team with recipes that are specifically designed with Portion Perfection in mind, so you don't need to worry about calculations.

Simply choose a menu plan, follow the nutritious recipes and enjoy delicious food. Includes: 3 flexible menu plans for the whole family (based on men, women, children and bariatric plans), easy to follow recipes with visual guides and every day ingredients found in your local supermarket

Healthy Snacks

The Healthy Snack Bible - a handy pocket size guide is a quick reference to those 'everyday' and 'occasional' snack foods in 100 calorie (420kj) and 200 calorie (840kj) portions.

The Portion Perfection Bariatric Plate, is a practical tool for those with a gastric band, sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass. The plate shows markings to guide the type of food to make up a main meal and the words around the plate relate to all the behaviours required to get the best food tolerance with your surgery and indicates the approximate aperture of the well adjusted band.

The Portion Perfection Bowl shows cup measures on the inside so you can pour foods such as cereals straight into the bowl without weighing or measuring first. The bowl works best with the Portion Perfection books which identify the correct portion size of cereals, soups and desserts for your calorie needs. The 1 cup measurement on the Portion Perfection bowl is based on the volume of 250g of water. A standard 1 cup measurement differs from country to country, the Portion Perfection Bowl uses this scientific measurement to ensure accuracy.

It may just look like you’re eating off a pretty plate, but the plate and bowl are doing the portioning work for you so that you can visually determine (without needing a measuring cup or kitchen scale) if your amounts are within your targeted portions.

Do you really need a plate that does the portioning for you?

Be honest with yourself, will you measure and weigh your food every day for the rest of your life?

While dietitians encourage you to portion your amounts, there are a few issues with that - first weighing and measuring every piece of food that you eat simply isn’t a normal behaviour that can be sustained, and guessing your portions only works for a brief period of time until your estimations become skewed.

With the portion perfection kit measuring your portions to fit within the pre-determined portions on your plate is such an easy way of keeping on track for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as your snacks. A tool like this can help so many people who still feel like they’re struggling with portion sizes, even after bariatric surgery.

The Portion Perfection Kit offers you simple to use dishware that you can use at home or at work, and helps take the guessing, eye-balling, and tediousness, out of portioning your food every day.

While the plate and bowl are not the only solution to losing the weight and keeping it off after surgery, it is an extra tool that you can add to your post-surgical lifestyle routine.

Click here to learn more about the Portion Perfection For Bariatrics Kit

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