How Paul Turned His Life Around

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Everybody has a story.

That story can be different because everybody IS different.

Some may choose to write their own story however they could.

And what drives someone story is the desire to pursue their goal.

Here at TRANSFORMED, our members may have different reasons for being here, but they all have one common goal.

If you ever find that you're lost and don't know what to do, getting to know a story from someone else who has had been there might give you a fresh start.

Paul is one of our long-lasting members, or we can proudly say.. family members.

Over the past months, everyone here at Transformed has noticed how much Paul has changed since we got to know him, and we can not be more proud.

Especially his coach, Lisa Sproule, who has been there with him at every step of the journey.

Therefore, we thought that his story is incredibly amazing and inspirational that it needs to be shared.

T: Tell us Paul, how did you start your journey?

4 YEARS AGO, I wasn’t anywhere near as active as I needed to be. Then, I got a blood test from the doctor, only to find out that I was borderline type 2 diabetic. I had considered joining a gym but then I looked down at myself and said ‘no, that’s not for me’.

My doctor was more interested in my mental health so he sent me to see a Health & Wellness Coach who was also working at Your Health Hub, it was there that I got to know Lisa. The TRANSFORMED program was just an idea back then.

T: So that's how you ended up here, how did you find it?

Since then, I have joined the Health and Fitness Studio at the Hub, while coming to see my coach regularly, and have been coming to the gym almost every day. It’s worth every dollar that I pay for it. This is because the gym here is nice and small, and nobody is judgmental.

The staff are all friendly which makes a really comfortable environment. And I also go for a parkrun on the weekend.

I started seeing an Exercise Physiologist at the Hub who helped me work on my personal exercise program and posture by providing me a personalised program of exercises. When I get to do a variety of exercise that I enjoy, I don’t get bored quickly.

T: What were your goals when you started and did we help you achieve them?

At first, my weight loss goal was to be able to go for a longer walk. Then, I came up with small specific goals by achieving and increasing my Personal Best, in terms of time and distance for running or walking to keep me going.

I had also been seeing a Psychologist who was more interested in listening than talking until I met Nolene at the Hub. I felt like we just CLICKED because we talk and that she’s the right person. She also explains things in a way that makes sense to me.

I am also seeing Milly, TRANSFORMED Dietitian, after I had my lap-band, and now twice a year just to catch up. She makes sure that I have the right types of food and always suggests different types of food that I can try to improve my diet. I was really amazed by the alternatives that she gave me.

Meanwhile, I am still coming to see TRANSFORMED coach weekly just to weigh in and catch up. However, we don’t focus too much on the weight figure because my body composition shows that sometimes, even though my weight has gone up, I gained more muscle than I have lost fat.

It is also nice to get to know others at TRANSFORMED who share similar journeys to mine. One of them has become a really good running companion because we have roughly the same pace. This is really good for our motivation. We can both start towards the back of the line so we can take off nice and easy, allowing the faster people to go without bumping us.

T: Did you have any struggle along the way?

There were also times when everything just hit and set me back a little bit. I had put a little bit of weight back on. Then I used the tools that the TRANSFORMED gave me that help me deal with the weight gain.

T: Any tips for someone who's looking to start on their journey?

1.  Know your reason. Do it for the right reason. Don’t do it because you want to find the right person or job but DO IT FOR YOURSELF because you want to be happier and healthier.

2. Come here (TRANSFORMED). I might not have been as successful without all the staff's help. They have a complete set up for every stage of the trip no matter where you are, physically and mentally.

If you'd like to get to know Paul more, you can find him here at TRANSFORMED clinic and our Health & Fitness Studio most of the time during the weekdays and Paul is now directing parkrun on a Saturday every couple of months.