I made it to 50kg loss!

A big thank you to the beautiful Alyce for allowing us to share her inspirational story. We are so proud of everything you have achieved Alyce!

"My journey started with Your Health Hub in June 2020 after having Bariatric Surgery in May 2020 undertaken by Dr Stephen Wilkinson.

Dr Wilkinson's clinic, the Tasmanian Anti-Obesity Surgery Centre advised me that they had formed a collaboration with Your Health Hub located in Bellerive. The idea of the affiliation was so that they patient had guidance and care post surgery to ensure weight loss is achieved and sustained.

At the Hub I had access to; Exercise Physiologist, Personal Trainers, Occupational Therapist, Weight Loss Coach, Nutritionist, Dietitian, Psychologist. Know that there are so many services available under the one roof is so reassuring when you are going through such a life changing event. For me, one of the biggest advantages of having the Health Hub by my side through my journey is the weekly weigh in's. It always helped to keep me on track. I never wanted to disappoint my weight loss coach Kathy, nor myself with my weight loss results. Kathy was there every week to greet me with her beautiful smile, she's such a bubbly personality to be around, always uplifting and encouraging.

The two clinics always keep your GP updated with your progress. Along with any problems that may arise throughout the journey.

It still amazes me that I'm not even one year in from having my surgery and I have lost 50kg! I always to read weight loss success stories in magazines and think to myself it all must be fake, people can't lose that much weight - I don't think it's even possible. But it just goes to show that with the right mind set, using your tool correctly (Lapband), eating correctly, exercising and continuing to have follow up's with your surgeon on a regular bases, anything is possible if you believe in yourself!

Your Health Hub has been a massive part of my journey and I wouldn't be where I am today without them. The staff are amazing, from the day I walked through the doors I felt like I had known them forever. So welcoming, no judgement, all they want for you is the best possible outcome for your health.

The hub is owned by the most kind and loving soul, a beautiful lady who puts her everything into making her patients feel that the road ahead will all be worth it and I can tell you it is. Lisa (owner of The Health Hub) has such a dedicated team. If you are wanting to lose weight or just improve your overall health, get in contact with them today, what have you got to lose? :)"


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"When I joined [Transformed], I had been on a waiting list for Bariatric surgery for almost a year and had given up hope on most methods of weight loss.


But after signing up and meeting the team I felt so supported that I was willing to try. In 6 months I lost 40kg and have my life back."

- Ben

Paul's testimonial

"Thanks to all the staff at Your Health Hub, I have lost over 50kg since having a lapband in 2017.


I highly recommend the program to anybody who would like to lose weight but have found it difficult to in the past. "

- Paul

Rechel's testimonial

"This program has really transformed my life. So far I’ve lost 16kg and thanks to the knowledge and support from the whole team at the Hub.


I’m now leading a more active and healthy life. I definitely recommend this fantastic program."

- Michelle

Andrew's testimonial