How Glenn Saved His Life

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

It started off with a phone call a few years back...

It was the Mercury that was interested in my story. I was 305kg and had been on the waiting list for the lap-band surgery for 10 years.

Then, I got a knock on the door from a personal trainer who, then, told me that “I’m here to save your life”. I had been sitting down doing nothing until he got me up and moving.

Then, I met Mr. Wilkinson. He said that if I can prove to him that I really wanted to have the surgery, I will have to get down to a specific weight. My weight went down to 228kg (from 305kg) in 9 months with the help of my trainer.

During that time, I set up my monthly goal, for example, I walked up Mt Wellington. It was the worst pain I have ever felt. I wanted to give up but I didn’t. There were heaps of people who were there to support me, and I got there eventually. Then I had the surgery.

I still continue losing weight after the surgery. I had ups and downs and I learned how to work with it. I was eating right. I started playing basketball and I joined an American football team.

They were a really big help for me because they don’t really care what size you are, they just love their big boy. We train together as a team so they don’t leave me behind. They will slow down if they have to, there was no pressure at all. Now we’re not just a football club, we’re a family.

I struggled with my demon (mental health) inside of me. Everyone was really supportive. I refused to take medications from the doctor, did my research and learned how to deal with it in my own way. I try to find out what works for me.

Mr. Wilkinson referred me to come here to see Lisa, one of our TRANSFORMED coaches. We got on really well and we got the plans in place. She is so bubbly and is someone that is really invested in helping you so you can’t just let her down.

I was also given my own home-exercise programs from the Exercise Physiologists here. They helped me work it out based on my individual needs. They slowed me down to minimise the injuries because I always want to push my limit, especially with lifting weight. I’m 100 times better than when I first

started by implementing those exercise programs.

The Dietitians also helped me with my eating habits. They told me what I can and can’t eat. One of the things I learned is that there is no such thing as a cheat day. If you want to have a meat pie, then have a meat pie but you have to eat it in moderation and know your limit. I just love to eat clean now.

I don’t eat as much as I used to. It’s all about portion size. Have small meals and snacks every now and then instead of having a big meal. If you do that, you’ll notice the change.

Even though I’m not entirely happy with who I am yet, I have a clear vision of what I want to look like and I know I’ll get there. I can’t give up now. I have seen people who had the surgery and thought that it was a quick fix for them and that is a big mistake. You still have to learn what you have to do and work with it after the procedure.

I am now happier because I am able to socialise (I didn’t have a social life before). I am always the first one at the football training and I just LOVE being able to go to the gym now.

Tips for starters

  1. Do it now, don’t hesitate because you will regret it. Don’t leave it for too long because you might not be around to fulfill what you wanted to fulfil. If I didn’t change who I am, I would be dead now and my daughter would be without a father.

  2. There will be ups and downs because it’s a journey but you are going to feel great and you are going to gain confidence along the way.

  3. It’s there if you want it.

  4. Do it for YOU, and remember that there are other people who want to help you too.

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