Goal Setting For Your Weight Loss Success

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

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Most of us have been pulled both backwards and forwards regularly in so many different directions that is really hard for us to be totally clear on what we actually want out of our lives, or whether in fact we are heading in the right direction at all.

I have personally found the key to goal setting success is making sure you regularly check in with your values and think about what matters to you the most.

We then need to decide where and with who you choose to focus your energy on by setting some goals - to be truly effective we need to write these goals down.

By making a commitment to your goals and deciding what you really want to achieve, you’re putting yourself in the best possible position to make your dream life become a reality. It is so important to do this because if you haven’t set goals in your life then how can you possibly hope to attain them?

Goals motivate us, help us get clarity and pointers in the right directions to bigger and better things. The more often you remind yourself of your goals, the more your mind will work consciously and subconsciously to achieve them.

Always remember...

Setting goals is just the beginning of achieving your goals...

the next step is to formulate a plan to help get there one step at a time.

I have found that when you make a decision about what you want and begin focusing on achieving a specific goal, you will also find your subconscious mind goes to work.

Your subconscious mind is a powerful ally. You will be amazed at some of the new ideas that pop into your head and how you will come up with clever solutions to solve problems or obstacles that would normally get in your way.

Sometimes having a big plan and ambitious goals can seem un-achievable as well as exciting.

So when it feels like life is putting obstacle after obstacle in your path, the most important thing to remember is why you began your journey in the first place and not to give up - every so often you may need to dust yourself off, adjust your plan, or revise your strategy, remembering that life is a journey as such it often does not go to plan.

What ever you do, don’t lose sight of your ‘why’, the reason you started down this road in the first place - because you had a dream.

I think as human beings we like to complicate things when it really is quite simple; find what it is that makes you happy and who it is that makes you happy and make them a bigger part of your life.

Remember to focus on the dream that you’re working towards and how amazing you will feel when you achieve it.

Goals provide personal growth, they breathe life into our days and inspire us to be better and achieve more.

Setting goals is an investment in your dreams and a statement that you are committed to achieving them.

“Dreams are fun to talk about, but when dreams are turned into goals they become possible. And when goals are turned into plans they become real”

- Anthony Robbins

Here are some tips on making your goals stick

  1. When you are really clear about something you want to achieve, write it down and refer back to it regularly. Perhaps promise yourself for the ward when you’ve Richard reached your goal.

  2. Share your goal with someone you trust. Your husband, wife, partner, work colleagues, a good friend or business advocate even a professional mentor who will be supportive and keep your progress on track.

  3. Ideally, set yourself a time limit for achieving the goal. It will motivate you more

  4. Do something every day that reiterates commitment to your goal

  5. When you have reached your goal, congratulate yourself for having done what you said you would. Give yourself that reward. It’s even more important to acknowledge yourself and getting recognition from other people.

  6. Build on your achievement by setting another goal. Strive for more.

For more information about how I can help you achieve your weight loss goals, drop me a line at contact@hubtransformed.com

Lisa Sproule is the Founder and Managing Director of Your Health Hub, Quay Day Spa, TRANSFORMED medical weight loss solutions and Big Picture Healthcare Consulting.

In her spare time, Lisa is a Nurse Practitioner and Weight Loss Consultant!

Lisa loves knitting, shopping and spending time with her family and fur family.

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