How One Surgery Changes Andrew's Life

After the first and the last surgery ever that Andy (Andrew) had, he managed to lose 80.4 kg within 65 weeks!

We know we know, that's unheard of. Even Andy himself has been told that many times. So we thought we should find out more about his story and how he did it.

And we're sure that his story will help inspire many people in their journey.

Andy started at the TRANSFORMED when he was 177 kg and he is now 96.6 kg (80.4 kg lost).

T: Tell us Andy, how did you start your journey?

6 Years ago, I always realised I was a big man. I was working full-time in a job that I really loved. Then, one day, they decided to let me go.

That set me back and as I stayed at home more, the weight just kept going up.

Until one day, I went to my GP and got a referral from them to go to the Royal Hospital to have the procedure (surgery) done. A few years later, they rang me, I went in, had the procedure done. It was my first and last procedure ever…

T: Yeah about that! How did you manage to do it?

I’m a kind of person who doesn’t like to be told what to do and I especially don’t want THE NEEDLES in my guts. So I used that fear as a motivation.

I started exercising 7 days a week when I was able to, just so I don’t need to have the procedure done again.

I was walking at least 6km every day and riding a bike every night for 10km. It didn’t matter if it was 10PM at night or it was raining or cold, I stick to it UNTIL NOW. Exercise has become like a drug to me now.

There were also times when the thought just came to my mind “why am I doing this, why am I here outside when it is 2 degrees?” but I gotta stick to it. I just kept exercising to keep my mind free of negative thoughts.

I also stick to my diet strictly. You gotta have self-discipline. You can’t just do whatever you want or eat whatever you want. This is no excuse.

However, I do have a treat, which is ice-cream. Because I have 3 boys so I decided that just on their birthday, which is 3 times a year, I will have ice-cream with them and that will be it for the year.

T: That sounds like you've got a really good self-discipline already! How did you end up here at TRANSFORMED then?

Dr Wilkinson then referred me to the TRANSFORMED program because the hospital didn’t give much aftercare service.

Then I met the coach here. I came in each week to chat and began to see the result. We started to build rapport, I felt like I could open up to the coach.

So coming here (at the TRANSFORMED) has become a big part in helping me out. They really listen to what I have to say. What’s more, the reception staff are also lovely and always nice to chat to every time I came in.

Lisa, one of the TRANSFORMED coaches, was always there for me. She was a bit like a mother figure to me. She doesn’t drill me with questions, she listens and is easy to get along with. We even have our own nickname which she calls me Mr. Slim and I call her Ms. Slim.

She also had her own (weight loss) journey so she understands me more than others who don’t share the same journey.

I did see other mental health people before but I felt like I just went in, they didn’t really listen to me, I paid them and see you later.

T: Did you have any struggles in your journey and how did you deal with it?

Even though I want to stick around a bit longer with my kids and a wife, it was more because ‘I did it for me’. I know that many people wanted to help but at the end of the day, I can only do it myself.

Some other people have told me to do that to change this but I didn’t see why I should because the way that I have been doing was working. My weight was still coming off stably. So be careful what you listen to.

You gotta get the mindset right. It doesn’t come over night but it will come as long as you stick to your routine.

T: Thank you Andy, do you have any tips that you would like to share that will help others in their journey?

1. If you are scared about something, such as having the procedure, use that as motivation.

2. Don’t listen to other people’s horror story, use your own motivation to help you along the journey.

3. If you stick to the diet, watch what you eat, keep to your exercise, you don’t need to have the procedure(surgery).