4 Tips for Resisting Those Sugary Foods

1. Distract yourself

Cravings and urges tend to come in waves. If you’re trying to resist the urge, do something else. Have a glass of water, go for a run or walk, eat a piece of fruit or make a cup of herbal tea. The activity should keep you occupied long enough for any chocolate Or sugary craving to pass.

2. Out of sight

A stimulus is often all it takes to trigger a subconscious response, so “out of sight, out of mind” is a good way of resisting. If you can’t see the sweet, it’s less likely to tempt you. Avoid the chocolate aisle at the supermarket and use the self-checkout if it’s available so you aren’t tempted by checkout choccies. If you’re given Sweet treats give them away!

3. Identify your triggers

Figure out what makes you crave these foods. Do you often engage in emotional eating

Are you bored or upset? Are you even hungry?

Once you know what sets you off, you’ll be in a better place to override those feelings or take steps to bust that habit

4. Put it on layby

Take control and make a deal with yourself, only allow yourself to eat the chocolate after you’ve done some other task or time has passed.

Do some cleaning, unload the dishwasher or head out on an errand. If you really want to flex your willpower muscle, try to hold out for 24 hours. If after the delay you still want that chocolate then go for it.

Do you think you have a problem with sugary and fatty foods?

For those of you like myself, who know that there relationship with sweet, sugary and maybe fatty foods for you is a major challenge - please approach this lifestyle change, as if you were a smoker giving up cigarettes, a heroin addict giving up heroin or an alcoholic giving up alcohol.

See our blog Are you addicted to chocolate, sugary and / or fatty foods? Help is Here

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