This program is a medically-designed program that specifically targets weight loss.


It is non-invasive and does not require surgery for the device to be placed within the stomach.


This is a bariatric procedure with the objective of promoting achievable weight-loss outcomes and sustainable, healthy gastric habits that can be easily complimented with minimal lifestyle changes to drive positive long-term benefits.

ORBERA gastric balloon

The program consists of two parts


First Part

The first part is the procedure itself; the Orbera device inserted non-surgically) by an experienced bariatric practicing surgeon.


The Orbera medical balloon is inserted into the stomach via the mouth and remains there 6-months, its removal at the end of that period completes phase 1.


The volume that the device occupies can be adjusted by your surgeon. This volume of the stomach that the device occupies will directly correlate to the volume of food one can eat before feelings of satiety occur.


This form of ‘portion control’ is the basis of how the Orbera device helps patients lose weight.

Second Part


The secondary component of the program is post-surgery, and focuses on changes to one’s lifestyle that must be followed to maximise the potential for ongoing success.


This is required to maintain the results from phase 1, and actually keeping the weight off.


Post-procedure, it is important to maintain a routine of healthy eating and exercise as this is important you do not put the weight back on. Reverting back to any bad habits will render the results achieved during the initial part of the program obsolete.


The TRANSFORMED program can provide the support you need this is not something that can be found from any weight-loss book. Rather, this tailored solution is unique to your requirements.



The Orbera procedure is non-surgical.


The device is not permanently inserted into your body, nor are any parts of the digestive system altered in any irreversible way. The deflated device endoscopically placed into the stomach. During this procedure, you will be mildly sedated to limit your natural gag-reflex.


The objective of the device is to help teach portion control – a critical aspect of maintain a healthy weight. You are essentially rewiring your brain to ‘eat less’. The device is adjustable in the amount of volume it occupies in the stomach and can be further inflated or deflated with a harmless saline solution. The greater the volume the balloon occupies in the stomach, the quicker feelings of satiety set in once you begin eating.


This procedure take about 20 minutes.


Once the mild aneasthetic wears off, complete awareness of your surrounding and faculties return quickly. Although you will remain in the clinic for a short period of time for observation.




Over the course of two decades and procedures performed in over 230 clinics all over the world, the results of this program have been thoroughly evaluated and the studies have shown that patients who adapt to the lifestyle recommendations lose between 10-15kg on average from their starting weight in the 6-month time frame.

Typically, 70-80% of weight is lost during the first 3-months. This is according to data obtained from over 220,000 procedures that have been performed by bariatric surgeons in the last 20 years.


Our team of expert health professions are here to assist you through the inevitable challenges you will face during your journey. Remember, you are adopting a new way of life – new dietary habits – assist you in achieving your weight loss objectives.


This is our role in your new life, the Tasmania Anti-Obesity Surgery will be there to support you through your transitional periods to a healthier, happier you.


Evidence shows that the Orbera program delivers weight loss results that are 3 X what can be achieved through conventional methods.


Mind over matter is not the governing factor towards success, rather it is a tailored solution, that is specific to your needs. Orbera is essentially the catalyst to help you rewire your brain to form healthy habits that become routine in your daily life

ORBERA® is a procedure that is proposed to individuals with a BMI that is higher than 27.



Over the duration of the Orbera device being used in bariatric procedures, a significant body of evidence has been compiled that shows average weight loss results of 10kg – 15kg over the initial 6-month phase 1 period.


This figure is not absolute depends on factors to do with the patient, including their initial weight and their adjustment the lifestyle changes required.


At the completion phase 1, evidence also suggests that patients lost more than 3 X the weight they would have lost through conventional means. These results are again dependent on the nature of the patient’s ability to adapt to change and also their starting weight.




The device is inserted endoscopically via a process known as a ‘gastroscopic procedure.’ With the patient under mild sedation, the deflated balloon is fed down the oesophagus and into the stomach where it is slowly inflated using a sterile salt-water solution. This procedure is short, taking only roughly 20 minutes.


After 6-months, the initial part of the program is completed and the device is removed under the same conditions it was inserted. Phase 2 begins at this point, and the team at Tasmanian Anti Obesity will continue to support you into this new chapter of your weight loss journey.

ORBERA bastric balloon

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