From Managing Director

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I have over 32 years clinical experience as Nurse Practitioner and have spent the last several years of my career helping many people undergoing weight loss surgery to break the endless cycle of weight gain, loss and regain in in my medical centre and weight loss clinic.

Following the success of our in-centre program, my team and I decided to take the plunge into the digital world to ensure that many more people can access this life changing program!


I am sure that many of you have been told or indeed feel that having this surgery is taking the easy way out - let me tell you this is so wrong!!!


The TRANSFORMED member zone is where you will find the information and resources from our wonderful medical and allied health team that will help support you during this major and so important change in your life!


The TRANSFORMED medical weight loss program has been created by our specialist team of Clinical Psychologists, Exercise Physiologists, Nurse Practitioners, Bariatric Surgeons and Dietitians. We have put together an amazing online program using the latest research and tools to make our successful in-centre program accessible to a much wider audience.


We are so excited to bring this program to you! I want our relationship to start.

As a Nurse Practitioner and Weight Loss Professional, I see people in my clinic from all walks of life struggling with their own personal weight loss journeys. Having travelled this journey myself, I fully relate to the highs and lows that they and I’m sure that you - are also experiencing.


I have made it my life mission to bring together what I learnt through my own weight loss journey with my professional experience as a Clinical Practitioner to help people like me to finally achieve the weight loss goals that they long for!

I began seeing my first weight loss patient in 2012 and since then have gone on to help over 1000s of people kick THEIR OWN WEIGHT LOSS GOALS in my Medical Practice!


Celebrating each person's individual success and journey has given me immense joy but to be honest I started to burn myself out. I have so much passion for what I do that I try to help as many people as possible and I began to feel utterly exhausted.


Surely there had to be a way I could help more people without risking my own health (and sanity!!).


I was so busy spinning my wheels seeing as many patients as I could physically see WHILST ALSO running my other 4 businesses and being a mum…


And then it hit me…


I was on the right track with the TRANSFORMED program.


But I couldn’t keep going like this.


I had to find a way to make my program more accessible to more people. I was seeing great results in my patients but if I collapsed then I would be no help to anybody!


That’s when I realized that we could adapt what we knew was a successful approach to weight loss to an online format AND provide remote medical support when needed.


That's when I realised that we could adapt what we knew was a successful approach to weight loss to an online format as well as providing remote medical support if and when needed. I could help an unlimited number of people no matter where they were!


My lightbulb moment as a Medical Practitioner was when I began to see a clear gap in the traditional market of weight loss programs.


I found that all the weight loss programs that I researched and personally tried were generalized and impersonal, even in the one-on-one consultation model there was still a very structured (and tasteless) menu plan in place.


We all find different stumbling block to weight loss success no two people are the same.


When I REALLY BEGAN TO UNDERSTAND AND APPLY the strategies that my clients now use in the TRANSFORMED clinic program my efforts finally began to pay off and I began to see the results that I had dreamed of for myself and my clients for so long!


I set out to organize the program with the right steps in the right order. I put together weekly videos, written resources, tools & play sheets as well linking into some of my favourite online tools to support the whole process. My team has put together the best in exercise, nutrition and mindset support into a fully streamlined 12-week online program.


Would you like to know these strategies and my “weight loss” road map?

If so, I would love you to join me in the TRANSFORMED online learning portal. Check out these photos of some of the awesome content I will give to you.


For me, Weight Loss is not just about what the scales say.

It’s about feeling good about who I am. My values, my health, the activities I fill my day with, the way that I choose to live my life.

It’s about having the motivation and dedication to achieve the goals that are important to me and trusting in my ability to see these things through!

And I’m guessing if you’re reading this then these things are probably very important to you too right?

If so, then I’d like to invite you to put your health and lifestyle first and join me in the TRANSFORMED online learning portal..

I’d love to show you how I created the lifestyle that I wanted to live…so that you can too ????


Lisa Sproule

Nurse Practitioner