Transformed Exercise Physiologist


Our Accredited Exercise Physiologist aims to provide a holistic approach to commencing exercise, to improve functional strength and fitness, as well as aiding to promote optimal weight loss.


An Exercise Physiologist is an University trained experts in exercise prescription and will take into consideration any chronic disease or injuries from your past or present, to ensure that your prescribed exercise program can be done safely at home, in a pool or in the Health and Fitness Studio at Your Health Hub.

Exercise is a critical component of any weight loss program. 


Exercise is meant to be individual, it is meant to be gradual, and should never cause an injury.


Courtney Downling

Accredited Exercise Physiologist


"Let Exercise

Be Your Medicine"

Why Should We Exercise?

The human body loves movement. Our neurons, cells, nerves, muscles, arteries, you name it! It all loves movement.


This has been shown time and time again by scietific research. The body responds very well to physical activity and exercise is the cheapest and most effective medicine available.

Exercise has shown to be a form of medicine and one of the most effective there is.


It has shown to improve mental health and make us feel happier, reduce the risk of certain types of cancers, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, chronic pain and an early death!

Exercise comes in all forms and is best categorized by aerobic (using the heart and lungs), resistance (using the muscles) and flexibility (stretching the muscles and limbs) exercise.


The ideal is to complete a good mix of these throughout every living day. 

Exercise is a fantastic way to help with weight loss. 


By getting the heart, lungs and muscles working through aerobic exercise we burn calories and those awful stored up fat (usually around the waistline).


Strength exercise builds lean muscle mass, which corresponds in an increased metabolism and therefore the burning of more calories at rest. To be honest, there aren't really any reasons why we shouldn't be doing a form of exercise!

To ensure you are getting the most out of your workout we need progression.


Sometimes we experience a platuea with weight loss and it is good idea to change things up.


If you find you are getting bored with the exercises then change programs or if your walks get stagnant then drive somewhere and change it up!

If you get to the end of a strength exercise and feel that it is way to easy then choose a heavier weight if possible or look at progressing onto a harder program.