Dr Roland McCallum Weight Loss Program

This is the time to reduce your weight under medical supervision and learn how to keep weight off and maintain your health for a lifetime.


The program is designed to help you lose weight quickly without being hungry all the time. There are a number of medications now available to make it easier to do this and these are prescribed at the clinic.


There has never been a better time to come and lose weight.

We want you to achieve your weight goal and keep weight off and stay well!


What does the program include?

Blood Samples

An Initial Comprehensive Pre-program Metabolic Assessment 

  • With one of our Nurse Practitioners

  • To identify any physical causes for weight gain

  • To order required pathology ready for Dr McCallum's initial assessment clinic

  • NP will liase with your GP for GPMP&MHCP plans if required

Checking Weight

Initial and 4 Weekly Progress Analysis Body Composition with Printed Result

Initial and 4 weekly Progress Analysis measuring,

  • Weight & height

  • Body fat percentage

  • Fat mass

  • Muscle mass

  • Fat-free mass

  • Total body water & total body water percentage

  • Metabolic age

  • Your visceral fat


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Group Lecture

Small Group Presentation and Consultation

With Dr Roland McCallum and his Registrar Docter Michael Thompson.

Pharmacists' hands


Individualised & supportive medication prescription for those clients whom Dr McCallum assesses as necessary.


12-week One-on-One Coaching 

with our Nurse/Wellness Coach.

Image by Tim Bennett

Private Facebook Community

Private Facebook Support Group.

  • Monitored by our allied health professionals and coaches

  • Peer support & Mentoring

  • Shared recipe ideas

Image by Nick Morrison

12-Week Online Modules

  • With mindset, exercise and nutritional tips.

  • Program-specific Recipe Library.

transformed gym.jpg

Gym Membership 

Optional, with additional cost.

Psychology Patient

*One-on-One Session with one of our Clinical Psychologists.

Your coach will assess your need for additional support from our Clinical Psychologist, specialising in food addiction.

Exercise Physiologist.jpg

*A One-on-One Session with One of Our Accredited Exercise Physiologists (If required)

Fitness test & get tailored exercise programs.


*A One-on-One Session with One of Our Accredited Practising Dietitians (If required)

To identify your relationships with food.

If you are interested in seeing Dr McCallum

and the Transformed Team to assist you with your weight loss 

you can make an appointment to see your GP for a referral, or alternatively,

book an appointment to see one of our Nurse Practitioners who can arrange this for you.