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Results May Vary From Person To Person

The photographs on Transformed Medical Weight Loss Programs, testimonials are actual patients who have completed a Your Health Hub Weight Loss Program.  However, results may vary based on each patient’s physical health, diet and exercise, and adherence to the Transformed program.


The weight loss results described in testimonials or photos are not typical for every individual. This highly depends on the adherence to the instructions from a Transformed Medical Professional.


Treatment Plans Will Be Developed Based On Clinical Presentations

No treatments will be prescribed unless a clinical indication exists based on a full medical examination, any necessary testing or lab work, a medical consultation and a current medical history.

*Please note: Should you agree to have lab work performed, that alone does not automatically qualify you or any other patient to clinical necessity or a prescription.

Important note.

The Online Transformed Medical Weight Loss Programs are based on general healthcare advice.  One on one appointments with our clinical practitioners are recommended to develop an individualised program of care.