Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Bariatric Surgery

How can obesity be treated?


"Anti-obesity (or 'bariatric') surgery is still the only management for marked obesity that has been shown to consistently cause long-term weight loss, usually with resolution or improvement of weight-related diseases such as diabetes.


But it has also been shown in many studies now, that bariatric surgery provides far better results if it is accompanied by proper support by the surgeon, bariatric dietitian, bariatric psychology, and managed exercise programs, particularly if delivered in an environment dedicated to helping weight loss patients, and not just a general exercise facility such as a general gym.


These research findings have led me to work with Your Health Hub  to develop a specific bariatric program to assist before and after anti-obesity surgery, utilizing staff trained specifically in the management of overweight, and in a dedicated facility for patients undertaking weight management.


I now strongly recommend all new bariatric surgery patients be supported in the BQHH program, and I am progressively informing all previous bariatric surgery patients of the availability of this program for them as well."



Mr Stephen Wilkinson

 Bariatric Surgeon and Medical Director

of the Tasmanian Antiobesity Surgery Centre

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