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Bariatric Surgery is an important and valuable tool to manage the amount of food eaten by patients.  However, the individual really does need to make significant lifestyle changes after Bariatric Surgery in order to lose the weight and keep it off.  

In line with National RACGP guidelines the Transformed multidiscliplinary team of registered healthcare practitioners manages pre-operative work-up prior to surgery, acute and long-term complications after surgery, long-term lifestyle, and nutritional and comorbidity follow-up for bariatric patients.

To get the results they want, they will need to follow new dietary guidelines, increase their levels of physical activity and address any dysfunctional eating and drinking patterns, sleep patterns or stress management strategies that may be holding them back.


Many people also face further challenges when adjusting to their post-surgical life around relationships, self image and dealing with excess skin after their procedure.


Unless the patient makes adequate lifestyle changes and adjusts to the new challenges they face, the long-term results of the Bariatric Surgery procedure may be limited or even compromised.

We design customised integrated multidiscliplinary programs to suit your individual practices, as well as offering a range of standard programs including:

  • Prepare Me For Surgery Program

  • Smarter Eating with Accredited Practising Dietitians

  • Get Moving with Accredited Exercise Physiologists

  • Mindset - CBT For Weight Loss with Clinical Psychologists

  • 1:1 Coaching & Accountability Individual and Group Sessions with Registered Nurses trained in Wellness Coaching.

All of this allows you the comfort of knowing that your patient has received the surgical intervention required to lose the weight they desire.  As well as a team to support them through the lifestyle change they will need to make to achieve these results.

Clinical Partnerships With Bariatric Surgeons


The Transformed Program partners with Bariatric Surgeons and General Practices to support their patients adjustment to their new post surgical life.

Our comprehensive Pre & Post Bariatric Support Programs provides the accountability, education and lifestyle coaching your patients need to create a healthier and sustainable lifestyle after surgery.


We use a four pronged approach to weight loss that gives your patients the medical, nutritional, psychological and physical strategies and support they need to achieve a healthier body weight!  


Our multidisciplinary team of bariatric trained healthcare practitioners includes Nurse Practitioners, Clinical Psychologists, Exercise Physiologists, Registered Nurse/Coaches and Accredited Practising Dietitians.  


We offer:

  • One on one telehealth consultations
  • Online group coaching

  • Access to weight loss apps

  • Home exercise prescriptions

  • Meal planning

  • Online clinical tracking tools

  • Email & online community support

Our successful in-centre program has been running for over 4 years. We have extended our service to the wider population of Australia with online technolology specific to bariatric surgery.


What is involved?​

We can provide tailor made programs to suit your practice needs or it can be as simple as referring eligible patients into our existing standard programs using our practice referral form.

Our programs are designed to provide support to patients no matter where they live.  Online resources include member only education portals, weight loss app, home exercise prescriptions, meal planning, online clinical tracking tools, email support and online community support. 

To find out more about how we can assist you to manage your patients weight loss download our Medical Professionals Information Pack or email us to schedule a practice strategy session to discuss your needs in more detail.

How can you refer to us?

You can refer patients that you consider appropriate for Transformed Weight Loss programs to our Nurse Practitioner for an initial consultation where we will design a pathway of care. 


If you would like to refer a patient to us you will find our referral form here.

All you need to do is fax the completed form to use on 03 6122 0169.


Alternatively, you can find out more about how we can make our service work for your practice by calling to arrange a chat. 


Nurse Practitioner and Managing Director, Lisa Sproule and her team are always happy to discuss our model of care and the ways that we can get your patients started on the journey towards improved health and well-being.

The Transformed team is a collaborative joint effort between the patients chosen Surgical Team, Medical Specialist and General Practitioner in conjunction with the medical and allied team of weight loss specialists at Your Health Hub.


We will liaise closely with you to ensure you are kept informed of your patients progress.


Any concerns that arise in regards to your patients health status will be discussed with you as a matter of importance.

About Your Health Hub 


Your Health Hub is a fully accredited Multidisciplinary Medical and Allied Health Centre on Hobart's Eastern Shore that specialises in Weight Management with comprehensive onsite Allied Health services including Psychology, Physiotherapy, Dietetics, Exercise Physiology and Osteopathy.

Your Health Hub created the Transformed Weight Loss Programs initially to manage our own patients and those from our local referral network. We had immense success with the program for General Weight Loss patients as well as for the Bariatric Patient Cohort which led us to develop a model of care than can be delivered online, adapted for delivery in collaborative GP practices or delivered through our Bellerive Clinic with clearly structured communication and reporting pathways.

We have extended the program to a wider network across Australia, with the development of our online multidisciplinary module based learning program and it's associated support resources.  These include a combination of one on one telehealth consultations, group coaching sessions and online community support for patients living in areas outside of our metropolitan area.  Leading to greater accessibility to services for those community members who previously would have been unable to access these services.

Part of this unique and complete healthcare destination are Quay Day Spa and Quay Wellness where, we also offer the best of wellness, functional and integrative medicine and complimentary therapies all under one roof.​

We are 100% dedicated to providing our patients with easy and convenient access to the very best in available healthcare.

About Transformed


Lisa Sproule - Nurse Practitioner and the Managing Director of Your Health Hub in Hobart, developed an innovative pre- and post-operative Multidisciplinary Bariatric Surgery Patient Support Program named Transformed – Bariatric Weight Loss Solutions.


This program is now the required post-operative care follow up that all new Bariatric Surgery patients are required to participate in at the Tasmanian Anti-Obesity Surgery Centre and The Royal Hobart Hospital. The 12-month program incorporates a Multidisciplinary Team of clinicians who specialise in Bariatric Medicine.


The patient will have, as an introduction to the program, a comprehensive medical assessment performed by a Nurse Practitioner to identify any medical concerns and considerations. From this review some medical indicators may be identified as contributing to their weight loss difficulties - if these are present, we will work in collaboration with yourself to assist in managing such problems i.e Thyroid Function, PCOS and Diabetes.


We consider the role of the patients primary General Practitioner to be pivotal in comprehensively caring for the patient.  To decrease fragmentation of care any escalation of treatment, or any issues identified during the course of the consultations will be communicated to the General Practice in the form of a letter, if non urgent, if urgent we will contact the practice by phone.


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